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Rent action cameras at your venue and capture the incredible moments you help create.

Offer a unique customer experience

Gain a risk-free revenue stream

Turn your customers into content creators

Generate new customers

How it works

Let your customers tell your story with Playback. We provide all of the camera equipment you need free of charge, and you’ll receive a percentage of every sale you make.

Rent action cameras to your customers to their record their experience.
The personalised footage arrives on Playback’s video platform.
Your customers share their memories on social media.
Reap the benefits of authentic digital marketing at its best.

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“Offering Playback alongside our bubble soccer package has gone down really well with our customers. Filming the game on your phone isn’t really possible, so everyone has loved being able to capture their experience with Playback.”

Spartacus Bubble Soccer,

Join the venues already using Playback

“I honestly can’t recommend Playback enough. The footage is brilliant, it’s a great set up and they’re a really friendly team.”

The Romans,


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